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Benefits and Technology of the EDDY Pump

Challenge With Traditional Dredge Pumps

In harsh conditions with sand, sludge, rocks, slurry, normal dredge pumps clog, wear and fail more often. Downtime for maintenance hurts your bottom line.

Solution, Non-Clog Eddy Pumps

  • Non-Clog, High Viscosity, High Specific Gravity, High Abrasives, Low pH Pumping Design
  • 40-70% Solids Pumping by Volume
  • Ability to pump objects of up to 9-inches in diameter
  • State-of-the-Art Research and Development Facilities
  • 100% American Made

Non-Clogging Pump Design

The Eddy Pump’s open rotor design with high tolerances allow anything that will go into the intake be passed through the discharge without issues.

As you can see the tolerance between the rotor and the volute in the 4″ Eddy Pump shown above easily allows the passage of a man’s arm , while the tolerance in a centrifugal pump is significantly less.   In a 2-inch to 10-inch Eddy Pump the tolerance ranges from 1-9 inches.

This translates to a significant amount of solids and debris pass through without clogging the pump.


How Our Dredge Pump Handles Solids

Simulation video of the Eddy Pump compared to a centrifugal pump. The Eddy Pump shows its superior ability for high viscous pumping, high corrosive pumping, high specific gravity pumping, high solids pumping and while being a low maintenance pump that is also a non-clogging pump.

Non-clog dredge Pump Video

Non-Clogging & Lower Maintenance = Increased Profits


High Production Capability

Up to 300% higher than a similar sized centrifugal pump in pumping non-organic material.

High Concentration Capability

Less fluid required to pump a given amount of material. Up to 80% solids by volume in-situ.

High Abrasive/Corrosive Material Pump Ability

Eddy Pump does not require critical tolerances between the rotor and the volute making the Eddy Pump the perfect solution for abrasive and corrosive applications that often cause significant issues for other pumps.   The Eddy Pump will outperform any pump in moving the most  abrasive fluids with minimal wear and no maintenance.  These include lime slurries, borax, drilling muds, and ash.

High Production Capability Video

High Viscosity Red Mud Moved Like Water!

Amazing video demonstrates the Eddy Pump effect in action.

High Viscosity

The Eddy Pump rotor acts as a mixer on thixotropic materials and provides a shear thinning effect. The Eddy Pump’s ability to pump concentrated solids is perfect for moving viscous materials with less than 5% free liquid; an impossible task for centrifugal pumps.

High Specific Gravity

The Eddy Pump is excellent at moving heavy materials through long pipelines. The Eddy Pump creates a turbulent flow that helps keep the heavy materials in suspension and moving down the pipeline.

Total Life Cycle/Ownership Cost

The Eddy Pump design and superior performance allows for a significantly decreased Total Life Cycle/Ownership Cost over centrifugal and PD Pumps.

Please see link below to see a the Total Life Cycle/Ownership Cost Study conducted by one of the largest US Navy Ship Building Companies in the World, showing that 25 Eddy Pumps would save the US Military over $17,000,000 over 4 years in operation.

Total Life Cycle/Ownership Cost PDF

eddy pump total cost data

Drilling Mud  Video

Economic Advantages

To move the same amount of material the Eddy Pump will be smaller in size, lighter in weight, use less power and cost less than the required conventional equipment.   Further there is no critical setup, eliminating the expensive of  balancing and alignment of other pumps.

Varying Rotor size will change the Flowrate and PSI

The Eddy Pump can be customized to a specific flow rate and Head requirement for an application simply by changing the rotor size. Each pump model has multiple rotor options available. This allows for the most efficient combination of pump and motor size for the job.

Results (better pump with less maintenance)

The tough simplicity of the Eddy Pump along with its proven eddy pumping effect translate into extended run times, no clogging, and higher production compared to conventional pumping technologies.

inside our dredge pump

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